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Beamways - City Wide PRT
Beamways - City Wide PRT
Cabin design
Beamways Product sheet


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PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) is a revolutionary way to solve urban transportation problems. PRT combines the advantages of the car with those of transit. PRT thereby offers the fastest, most comfortable and most environmentally friendly travel mode in the city. Read more about how PRT works.

The Beamways PRT system has its focus on low investment requirement, high capacity and minimal energy consumption. These properties will be very important in the emerging PRT market. Beamways AB was formed in January 2008 and is located in Linköping, Sweden.

During the latest years three PRT systems have been sold, and RFQs for two more projects are being prepared. This shows that the PRT market is now opening after a long pause since the first system was installed in Morgantown, Virginia in the seventies. Thanks to the incredible improvements within the computer and electronics fields we have seen in the last decades PRT today has great possibilities of succeding on a large scale.

2015-04-21   Correns tunneldebatt (Swedish only).

Beamways deltar i Correns så kallade tunneldebatt. Redan rubriken visar tydligt var Linköpings största medium står i frågan. Beamways tycker dock att en lösning med ett spårtaxisystem kompletterat med lite större fordon för att hantera behovstoppar (när ett tåg kommer in) ger en mycket mer attraktiv och kostnadseffektiv lösning.

Om vi enbart fokuserar på en tunnellösning har vi inget vettigt backupalternativ om Trafikverkets prislapp blir för hög att gå till val på för våra lokalpolitiker, vilket resulterar i en väldigt dålig lösning med en stor bro genom staden.

Vid mötet kommer jag att dela ut denna flyer.

Mer information finns i den insändare som publicerades i Corren 2013.

Correns tunneldebatt (Swedish only).

2013-02-16   Örebro considers ATN

The Swedish city of Örebro has ATN as one of its options for future transit. Now the plans are to be presented to the inhabitants for review. The press conference resulted in written reports as well as radio programming. Both selected to use one of the Beamways renditions as illustration:

On the radio:


and in the local newspaper:


2012-08-28   Podcar conference in Berlin

It is time for the sixth Podcar conference, this time in Berlin September 19-20. Beamways will of course be there and also at the Institute of Sustainable Transportation booth at the Innotrans conference which occurs concurrently.

We hope to see you in Berlin soon!



2012-08-28   PRT possibility at Chalmers, Gothenburg

Last week a PRT system at the prestguous Chalmers Institute of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden was discussed on the initiative of the two science parks Johanneberg (at Chalmers) and Innovatum (Trollhättan). The meeting was attended by representative of the City of Gothenburg, regional authorities and the transit agency. The topic of the discussion was a possible podcar system on the Chalmers campus. The local branch of the Swedish public radio reported (in Swedish, naturally): http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=986. Scroll down the page somewhat until the Beamways system comes into view.

The aim of the project is to solve the traffic problems which will otherwise arise when Johanneberg Science Park extends its operation with another 4000 office spaces in the already cramped Chalmers campus.

Innovatum wants to help develop a Swedish PRT system suitable for instance for this project and spark a PRT industry in the western Sweden region, where the Swedish car industry is located. Beamways has in its interest that this be done using our technology!

2012-04-14   Beamways participates in a design competition

I have entered the Beamways technology into the Create the Future design contest hosted by Techbriefs:


Support Beamways by going there and vote for us!


2012-03-20   New version of BeamEd available

Version 1.3 of the BeamEd software is now available for free download under the heading Products/BeamEd.

The new version contains many new functions. For instance the travel pattern can now be controlled from external files. The new graphic display of simulation results makes detection of network hot spots easy.

BeamEd is a free software. We appreciate your feedback so that we can improve the software further in future releases. We are also interested in knowing what you use BeamEd for and the networks you create!

2012-01-24   Full Amritsar network revealed

A second phase of the Amritsar system has already been presented here. This is a comprehensive system with 22 km (14 miles) of track and 35 stations. The 880 crore total cost translates to about $150 million (US) or $11 million per mile.

Here's ULTra's own description of the project.

Full Amritsar network revealed

2011-12-15   PRT system in Amritsar

Building of the world's first large PRT system has now been started in Amritsar, India. See further information in this article. With 200 pods this is five times larger than the Suncheon project. It could be added that there are seven stations and the system is branched with three endpoints, at the station, the bus stand and the golden temple itself.

 See also the ULTra press release!

2011-11-14   Beamways nominated for Cleantech Top 5

Beamways has been nominated for the award "Cleantech Top 5" by the Swedish environment magazine Miljöaktuellt. The final five "hottest Swedish Cleantech Startups" will be announced at the Greentech Day in Stockholm on the 23:rd of November.


2011-10-13   New images available

Three new images depicting how a Beamways system may look like in Skellefteå are now available.

Close to main road E4 crossing the Skellefte river.

Crossing ovver E4 on a viaduct further north.

Along a central city street.

These images are available in higher resolution. Please contact: info@beamways.com