Beamways has made a preliminary deisgn of a PRT cabin suitable for a suspended system. This has resulted in a 3D model which can be used to create images like the ones seen on this page. Behind this model there is also a lot of research work into what the requirements for a PRT cabin are and how these requirements can be fulfilled.

The Beamways cabin from the outside.

As you can see the cabin is slightly asymmetric, with the front end longer. This makes it possible to accomodate two bikes without resorting to cumbersome stowage practices. Just fold the rearwards facing seats and roll the bikes in. The same procedure can be used to fit child trolleys or wheel-chairs.

Doors open, bike inside. Note that the door extends onto the roof.

The wide and high double doors allows easy entry for everyone. Wheel chairs, strollers, bikes and lots of luggage is accomodated easily. Inside the luxurious main seats offer ample room, while the foldable extra seats facing rearwards are just as comfortable.

Inside view with main seats. Control panel in middle console.

The foldable seats offer comfortable seating but easily get ouy of the way when more floor space is needed.

One or both rearwards facing seats can be folded.

The two video screens fitted in the ceiling present relevant information to all passengers. They can also be used for entertainment purposes or present an outside view from an external video camera, acting as extra windows.

The built in bike racks lock the front wheel while the cabin is moving.

The comparatively thick cabin walls provide superior insulation which reduces energy consumption for heating and air conditioning. The double glass windows also adds to this.

The cabin interior as seen from one of the main seats.