A portable PRT station with a real Vectus cabin on the side is on display at the museum of technology in Stockholm during June 9-21, 2009. Subsequently the display will be shown to all the ministers of transportation and the ministers of environment of the 27 EU countries at a summit meeting in Åre, Sweden, and similarly during the fall at several of these top level meetings throughout Sweden.

The exhibition consists of a “station” in three parts: The station proper with automatic glass doors towards the entrance and towards the cabin. An information area with three flat screens and some bar style tables, and a film room with three projectors, currently showing a film with Vectus track layed out in Åre, from the perspecitve of the passenger.

The exhibition was opened by the Swedish minister of transportation last monday, June 8. Her speech was very positive and optimistic and it seems that the government is very much on track towards supporting a pilot track in Sweden.

The exhibition was funded by the Swedish railroad administration (Banverket). The director general of Banverket also gave a speech at the opening ceremony and pointed out that now that PRT is sorted in as a railroad technology (which is a policy decision in Sweden) Banverket has an obligation to support this new technology.

During the years 2010 and 2011 the exhibition will be available to cities in the KOMPASS group for display in their respective cities. KOMPASS was extended by a further three cities during the last weeks, including Trollhättan (where the Saab cars are built) and two in the Stockholm area.

Beamways is represented by a descriptive text on one of the exhibition posters. All in all the commercial aspect is very played down. Although the Vectus cabin is there, and all films show Vectus vehicles in Uppsala and animated, their logo is totally absent.

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