Last week a PRT system at the prestguous Chalmers Institute of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden was discussed on the initiative of the two science parks Johanneberg (at Chalmers) and Innovatum (Trollhättan). The meeting was attended by representative of the City of Gothenburg, regional authorities and the transit agency. The topic of the discussion was a possible podcar system on the Chalmers campus. The local branch of the Swedish public radio reported (in Swedish, naturally): Scroll down the page somewhat until the Beamways system comes into view.
The aim of the project is to solve the traffic problems which will otherwise arise when Johanneberg Science Park extends its operation with another 4000 office spaces in the already cramped Chalmers campus.
Innovatum wants to help develop a Swedish PRT system suitable for instance for this project and spark a PRT industry in the western Sweden region, where the Swedish car industry is located. Beamways has in its interest that this be done using our technology!