PRT is an environmentally friendly means of transportation as it runs on electricity, which has the potential of being produced from renewable soruces. As PRT can replace a much larger fraction of the car traffic than transit systems the climate effect of PRT is much larger than that of eg trams eventhough these also run on electricity.

Apart from the climate benefits PRT gives a lot of other positive environmental effects in the cityscape; reduction of traffic noise, particles and local emission levels.

The consumption of electricity per passenger-kilometer is much lower than for cars, even electrical ones. This is as the vehicles are much lighter than a battery powered car and changes speed less often. By designing the PRT system carefully energy consumption can be reduced even more. Beamways PRT will run on about a quarter of the electricity of an electric car.

The energy consumption for PRT is also less than bus or tram as these often run with very few passengers, and still has to lug a heavy vehicle around. In Sweden a city bus has 11 passengers on average, in the US even less.