If you want to learn more about PRT there is a lot of information on the internet. The links below is just a sample of all the sites available.

Information pages

Innovative Transportation Technologies. A long list of descriptions of lots of different innovative transportation systems. PRT systems constitute about half of the total number of systems presented. is a power point presentation turned into a web page. It shows in an easy way how PRT works and its advantages. Some of the information is however geared towards the thinking of Ed Andersson and SkyWeb Express.


IST, Institute for Sustainable Transportation, Stockholm
KOMPASS, IST’s group for cities and communities taking an interest in PRT and interested in sharing their experiences with like minded.
Advanced Transit Association. The main PRT advocacy group in America.
Citizens for PRT. Amerikansk grass root organization.


Vectus, a supported system with a completed and approved test track in Uppsala, Sweden.
ULTra, small battery powered cars on a concrete track. ULTra is being installed at Heathrow, London right now.
SkyTran, an offering of very small and light vehicles with maglev technology running at high speeds.
SkyWeb Express, supported system using linear motors in the car. Has been under development since the 80-ties but still has no complete test track.
SkyCab, a Swedish concept akin to ULTra.
Mister. A Polish system which has similarities with Beamways.